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We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us for any questions or to book an appointment.  Please note, if this is an emergency please contact our office at 902-435-4848.


Do we direct bill insurance?
Yes, we do as long as your insurance policy allows Assignment. We send your claim though to the insurance company on the day of the treatment. You will be responsible for any co-pay that is stated by your policy.
Am I able to use two insurances for my treatment?
Yes, this is called Coordination of Benefits.  The Administrators here will send the primary insurance through electronically and then print a form for you to sign for the second insurance.  We mail it to the secondary insurance   for you.  There are rules that cover which insurance is first and what is second which we are happy to explain to you.
I don’t have insurance. Are my kids covered by the Nova Scotia Health Card?
Yes, they are covered by Nova Scotia Health if they have no insurance or your insurance benefits have run out for the year and they require more treatment.

The age guideline is up to the end of the month the child turns 15.

Are you able to check my insurance benefits for me?
Some insurance companies will give the administrators information on Your policy if you are present in the office.  The insurance company follow strict protocols as to your private health information.  Our administrators do their best to give you information and can always explain the benefits if you bring information in to your appointment.
Do I have to contact my other Dental Office to get my patient records?
No, If you have patient records at another dental office, you just need to fill out a form at our office and we will contact the office for the information needed.  In Nova Scotia, dental offices cannot release any health records without a signed consent from the patient.