What to expect on your first visit…

Here at Dentistry4U our goal is to make your dental experience comfortable, informative and memorable.

On your first visit we kindly ask that you:

  • arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
  • have any medical insurance information needed
  • note any medications you are taking and their dosages

Your overall health can affect your dental health, so your medical history is important to us!

Your first visit with your new dentist is usually an hour and will often include x-rays and a full assessment of both inside and outside your mouth.   If dental treatment is required, a treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Now that you have had your assessment, the next step is to learn how to maintain your beautiful smile.

Often scheduled with your initial assessment, our team of registered dental hygienists will treat your mouth to a full cleaning and recommend a personal home care routine to get you started on a road to excellent oral health.

The first impression people get from you is in your smile, so let’s make it a great one!